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Consult Instead of Selling

In my latest blog post, I talked about an event in history (the most recent pandemic) that caused a major shift in the interior design industry (and so many aspects of the world). Interior product companies had been relying on traditional ways of selling, including in-person interactions and sales calls. When the norm was out of the question, many companies scrambled to reach designers and keep revenue coming in.

If the recent change in events didn't cause your company to wake up and start creating innovative strategies, then it's time now.

Even before the pandemic, I saw a lot of sales reps approaching sales in a panic and I've even heard sales leaders say, "You just have to throw a punch of stuff at the wall until something sticks." Many sales reps took that direction and thought...

"We have so many product launches each year. Let's get these products in design firm libraries. Let me schedule as many presentations as possible. I have to let my account case know what's new."

I know because I've been there as a sales rep. But, truth be told, those actions never led to my biggest sales. Consulting designers led to my biggest sales; consulting is the second pillar of my method called "A.C.E. The Journey," which will put your company in a position to increase your brand awareness and revenue in a digital age.

Watch the video below where I explain more about consulting and how your sales team can incorporate it into how they are approaching sales.

Did you find that helpful? Join me in a live training called "How To Reimagine A Designer's Experience with Your Brand In A Digital Age" on Wednesday, October 27th at 12PM EST.

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Have questions? Drop them in the comments below.

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