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Challenging The Status Quo

When I first started working in the interior design industry 10 years ago, I worked for a laminate company and I was based in NYC. I was responsible for growing sales in New York, New Jersey, and Delaware. I came into the experience very green and was super excited to make 25 sales calls per week and have lots of in-person interactions with interior designers.

Two months in, I clearly remember unbearable pain in my feet from endless walking around the city and complete burn out from trying to make it to 25 design firms every single week.

Now, after being similar roles at other companies, I've come to realize that everyone approaches interior design sales from a traditional lens: sales calls, updating libraries, and in-person interactions.

For years, I've been saying, "Let's reinvent our strategies... we are in a digital age... the world is progressing... there has to be a more productive way to sell and increase revenue." But, there's been resistance to change and a comfort in doing the same routine. It wasn't until recently that interior products companies were forced to take selling online.

In this video, I share a bit of my experience and how I am challenging the status quo to reimagine a designer's experience with interior products. Click play to watch then let me know what you think in the comments of this blog post.

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