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Our CEO, Nicole Lashae Ben, has over 18 years of experience in the interior design industry, as well as expertise in design thinking. Her experience encompasses A&D sales, offering human-centered strategic insights, individual coaching, and leading small discussions on interior design, business design, and building a career in the interior design industry.


> Business Design with Humans in Mind  

Designed for forward-thinking companies eager to seamlessly integrate human-centric design principles into their sales strategies. In this workshop, participants will discover how to create customer-focused solutions, fostering stronger customer relationships and driving business growth through design thinking.

> Designing My Path: Navigating the Interior Design Industry as a Black Woman

Explore the unique journey of navigating the interior design industry as a Black woman in 'Designing My Path,' led by Thrive In Design CEO, Nicole Lashae Ben. Join her as she shares personal experiences, insights, and strategies to inspire and empower aspiring design professionals to overcome challenges and succeed in the field.

> Digital Sales Funnels for A&D Reps

A workshop tailored for sales teams in interior product companies seeking to elevate their digital selling strategies. This workshop will equip your team with the latest tech-savvy tools and techniques, enabling them to seamlessly integrate social selling into their sales funnels, drive engagement, and maximize results in today's digital landscape.


Elevate your event with professional panel moderation services. Drawing from experience moderating a diverse range of panels, including discussions on diversity, equity, inclusion in the hospitality industry for NEWH and design thinking for Meet Me in the Fish Bowl, Nicole Lashae Ben brings expertise in facilitating and participating in engaging, insightful, and dynamic discussions that captivate your audience and drive meaningful conversations.

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Urban Interior Design
Chloe Cordell.jpeg

Chloe Cordell
Student, UNC Greensboro

Nicole gave an awesome presentation! She helped me learn different avenues within the design industry as an upcoming grad. If you are looking to build more relationships with designers and firms, Nicole is a great resource.

Isai De La Barrera.jpeg

Isai De La Barrera
Student, UNC Greensboro

Through Nicole’s clear and straightforward presentation, I gained more insight on my potential path of entrepreneurship. She inspired me to work hard.

Lila Sabek.jpeg

Lila Sabek

Student, UNC Greensboro

Nicole helped me see the many available paths for me to take after school. She is an expert in her lane and can give good advice and share personal experiences to back her points. I was also inspired to pursue a MA Design Management from SCAD like Nicole.



Nicole Lashae Ben, MA, has always had a passion for interior design and business strategy. Nicole got her humble start taking summer classes at Pratt Institute College of Art after her high school freshman year and now has over 18+ years of experience in the interior design industry. She went on to earned her BFA Interior Design from Syracuse University and MA Design Management from Savannah College of Art and Design 


Through her company, Thrive In Design, she works diligently to bring a human-centered approach to how interior product companies increase their brand awareness and revenue. 


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