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We use design thinking to help small business owners create a sales strategy that feels authentic to their brand vision.

At Thrive In Design, we focus on human-centered approaches to help companies create and implement strategies that will allow them to thrive. More recently at Thrive In Design, our CEO, Nicole Lashae Ben, has partnered with organizations like Action Opportunity Fund to offer coaching sessions to women-owned and minority-owned businesses to guide them to success.

During 1:1 sessions with 60+ entrepreneurs in 2022, Nicole started to hear similar stories and struggles in business no matter if the company was offering product or services.

Can you relate?

I have worked a full-time job all my life. It’s really hard to switch my brain in to sales mode to sell my own products and/or services.

I am super nervous about putting my brand out there. Failure is scary and sometimes success is scary too.

I have taken lots of online training and workshops and watched too many business videos on YouTube. I am still overwhelmed and don’t even know which strategy I should apply to my business first.

I have gotten a few sales from tactics I have learned online, but I have yet to get consistent sales. I don’t know why that is.


My friends and family have supported my business, but I want to get my business beyond my network. How do I even do that?

I am intimidated by social media and personal brands. How can I position my brand with my ideal customers without being the face of the brand?

Grand Opening Board

She (Nicole Lashae Ben) really meets you where you are. She values your life perspective and your mission.

Nakisa Nowroozi, PhD
CEO/Founder, Nourishaility Superfoods

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